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Meet Jared & Ray

Insight HTM was developed by our founding members, Jared Wilson and Ray Marden, while working for a major HDO as new business developers, trainers, managers, and healthcare network device specialists. While digging deeply into the 2016 CMS regulations and 2017 The Joint Commission changes we discovered that many HDOs lacked a sufficient program to adhere to these new regulations. That HDO decided to outsource their HTM, freeing us up to address the issues uncovered in our research. We learned that many smaller HDOs such as Urgent Care Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and Critical Access Hospitals, fall short of meeting the regulatory burden placed on them.

We founded Insight HTM and immediately began consulting at a surgery center that was undergoing a survey and a critical access hospital that is developing a new HTM program with an in-house engineer. We also began developing a Community of Experts to assist.

Most of our Community of Experts live in and support rural communities and small markets where professional HTM services are typically unavailable. It is deeply rooted in us to support healthcare in these areas. We bring big market experience with a small-town friendliness and attitude and work ethic.

Our passion lies in making HTM a robust department within all HDOs to ensure success and safe operation within their community regardless of size.

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